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November 06, 2019

Building Trust with Families: Sara’s Story

Sara* is an amazing child with a lot of potentials. She struggled socially and emotionally at home and in school. Sara’s mother was wary about having a Friend in the home because of her own experiences in the foster care system. The mother would cancel visits from the Friend or ask the Friend to conduct sessions with her child away from her apartment. During outings, Sara struggled to stay engaged and had difficultly expressing her emotions verbally and with empathizing with peers.

Using a trauma-informed lens, the Friend worked to build relationships with Sara and her mother. Sara’s mom now responds to calls and texts in a timely manner, confides in the Friend during stressful times and no longer cancels visits. The Friend now plans activities in the home and provides helpful tips that support positive parenting. In addition, Sara has grown in her ability to verbally express her feelings to identify her emotions and to be more compassionate with peers. Sara is now exploring her spark through ballet classes, giving both her and her mom an opportunity to build social capital and find belonging in their community.

*Youth's name changed to protect their identity