Friends' Work in Foster Care: The Well-Being Continuum

For nearly thirty years, the Friends of the Children model has been empowering youth and families who have been impacted by foster care and the child welfare system. We work with community partners and the system itself to identify families who are at different places in terms of their experience to ensure that our model is serving the children and families who need us most.

Friends of the Children's Work Along the Continuum:

Our youth and family-led, trauma-informed approach supports health and well-being for children and those families along that continuum with these goals in mind:

- Promoting safe and well-supported children and families
- Providing hope-inspiring services that mitigate trauma and promote well-being
- Preventing further involvement with the child welfare system

More than 40 percent of youth and families in our program are – or have been – involved in foster care. Our Friends work hard to make sure that youth in foster care – or youth at-risk of care - and their caregivers have their needs met. Friends average five contacts each month with caregivers and facilitate connection to concrete resources in times of need. 92% of caregivers in our program report that Friends connected them to resources that stabilized their families. With our amazing youth and families leading the way, we are excited to be part of meaningful and sustainable change in the child welfare system!