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Ways to Give

FOTC Detroit 16

Your Friendship Matters! Ways to Give:

Our model was founded on research showing that the single most important factor in overcoming childhood trauma is a long-term, nurturing relationship with a consistent and caring adult. As part of our 12-year journey with our families, each child gets 12-16 hours of 1:1 support each month, leading to 1,700+ hours of mentorship in their lifetime! We invite you to join us in giving youth this life-changing gift.

Why support Friends of the Children- Detroit?

When you invest in Friends of the Children, you invest in the future of our children and our communities.

There are many ways to donate to Friends of the Children, and anything you give matters!

Donate one time or monthly* at our secure online site using your credit or debit card.


OR mail a check to:

Friends of the Children- Detroit

2470 Collingwood

Detroit, MI 48206

OPTION ONE: Become a Friends Detroit GEM!

By becoming a GEM (Give Every Month) and creating a monthly donation, you make a lasting impact by ensuring all our children and Friends are supported consistently throughout the year. This can be done through your debit or credit card for as little as $10- less than your monthly coffee budget!

OPTION TWO: Become an INVESTOR with Friends Detroit.

By financially investing in the program, you are investing in the future of our Detroit children and our community.

How your investment works:

$100- Contributor creates life-changing relationships!

$500- Believer supports Friends taking our kids to museums, the theater, sporting events, and other world-expanding enrichment activities.

$1,000- Sustainer funds the entire process and helps our Youth achieve their Roadmap goals.

$2,500- Advocate empowers our Friends with professionalized, trauma-informed training for the year.

$5,000- Collaborator covers one youth and their family for 6 months- approximately 100 hours of mentorship!

$10,000- Champion equips Friends Detroit with support to sponsor one child and their family all year.

$25,000+- Partner champions and supports 2Gen (youth and caregiver!) activities with Friends Detroit.